Our Approach

The objective of Digital Health Informer is to create a source of information about the Digital Health & Technology landscape.

We will provide information in various forms of content including: articles, videos, images, graphics, lists, and more.

Digital Health Informer will analyze medical technology and innovative companies in regards to, but not limited to, their mission, products, workplaces, progress, and team.


Meet the Team

Dhiren Patel

Founder & Contributor

Having had three open heart surgeries along with a stroke at the age of four, a cousin born with a heart condition and a mother with schizophrenia, I am mindful as to just how fragile life can be. For that reason, I am passionate about helping people improve both their physical and mental health!

Learn more about me at | dhirenp.com

Fahd Syed


Fahd Syed is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and product developer from California. Fahd has worked with many niche organizations to improve their positioning and exposure in the market. Focused on B2B products, he has directly contributed to the growth of litigation technology, digital health, and other technology organizations.

Learn more about me at | fahdsyed.com