The Importance of Nutrition for your Health


By Dhiren Patel

Doctors should know nutrition

Doctors spend years in school and they do not want more to study, but nutrition is something that has been glossed over yet remains extremely important. If nutrition is ignored, people would be dying from allergies, malnutrition, diabetes. Focusing on a person’s diet and nutrition has been found to have a positive effect on their medical health. Another way to tackle this issue is for a healthcare plan to include nutritionist consultations and investing more money on preventing diseases.

Nutrition Impacts Health

Investing in nutrition is a great way to implement preventive medicine and drastically lower costs of healthcare. Nutrition impacts your daily health and well-being, it has a huge impact on your likelihood of developing metabolic disorders. There have also been numerous studies that show the link between mental disorders and what you eat. That gut feeling you have, well it’s scientifically proven that your gut health affects the way you feel and you think. Your gastrointestinal tract is lined with millions of nerve cells, so it makes sense that your digestive system has an impact on your health and studies have shown that people who take probiotics experience lower levels of stress.

“There have been numerous studies have compared “traditional” diets, like the Mediterranean diet and the traditional Japanese diet, to a typical “Western” diet and have shown that the risk of depression is 25% to 35% lower in those who eat a traditional diet.” So, how can we implement knowledge to help doctors understand nutrition?

Nutrition should be a part of the Care-continuum

What I mean by this is, we need to have a health care plan that is designed for you as a person. Usually, this is reserved for people with serious conditions, like myself or my mother who has diabetes. We as humans knew the importance of diet, it’s ingrained in our brain as a survival instinct so that we don’t eat that moldy fruit and traditional cultures have typically have valued digestion as a pillar for health.

So, we know it’s important to get nutrient dense foods and make sure those foods are properly assimilated, how can we do this?

  • Create a healthcare plan that is determined by your genes. Habit is a company that is trying to disrupt healthcare using this idea.
  • Doctors, nutritionist, physical therapist, trainers and health coaches should communicate as well work together to form a legitimate health plan that serves the patient on an individual level.
  • The health coach is responsible for coordinating all this communication and relaying this to the patient.
  • Technology can help each part of this healthcare team communicate, digest data, determine insights and come up with a legitimate healthcare plan.
  • Evidence-based behavioral therapy can help you develop healthy habits so that you do not risk for diabetes or heart disease in the first place. This can start with programs in schools from an early age.
  • This means that Schools need to value nutrition in the food they serve kids, not have KFC like all my schools did. I was addicted to the Popcorn Chicken!
  • Lastly, keep continuing to learn and iterate healthcare plans as new science becomes available.


“Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you’re working out, you’re going to feel good.”

– Jason Statham

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