Omada Health – Who are they?


By Dhiren Patel

What is Omada Health?

Omada Health’s goal is to help employers and health plans tackle chronic disease using evidence-based behavioral science. How do they do it?

  • They use data to identify people that are at risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.
  • Set you up with a 16-week online digital health program.
  • All participants are set up with a full-time health coach to guide them and monitor their progress daily.
  • Provide smart technology to help quantify progress and identify how participants are doing.
  • An online support group is there to provide encouragement and accountability.
  • Each participant is guided through an online curriculum that teaches them about the physical, social and psychological components of their particular condition.
  • To make things more interactive they have created games that reinforce what participants have learned so they can apply it to real life scenarios.
  • After the 16 weeks, participants can receive support for as long as they require so that they can maintain their positive habits over time.


According to a clinical study by the Journal of Medical Internet Research, participants lost an average of 4.7% in weight by the first year. Omada Health says:

  • The average participant loses about 10 pounds within 16 weeks and keeps it for over 2 years.
  • They project that an average participant may save approx $2,000 over 5 years in medical expenditures.


What inspired their mission?

They wanted to use Digital Health technology to tackle chronic disease because it now kills more people than infectious disease. Chronic diseases can be prevented by lifestyle changes to your habits or circumstance and Omada Health aims to do exactly that.

Core Principles:

  • Emphasize science to deliver behavioral medicine that is clinically proven and evidence based as well as publish their results in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Use design to deepen the connection participants feel and interact with so they are more engaged with their programs.
  • Ultimately try to empower people to develop and understand their results.
  • If their program does not work, you don’t pay.

CEO – Sean Duffy

“I’m really interested in obesity-related chronic disease because it’s just crippling people and economies across the globe. Most would argue it’s the epidemiological crisis of our era. I started just doing puppet searches, and there’s this amazing body of literature in diabetes correction that shows that you can take individuals at high risk, deliver a very high touch lifestyle program, intensive behavioral counseling program, and reduce that risk. But it requires a heavy instrument. You can think of Omada’s Prevent program as a digital evolution of this sort of approach that’s been shown in the literature to work face-to-face.”

Learn more about Omada Health here!

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