Virta Health – How they’re Reversing Diabetes.

By Dhiren Patel

What is Virta Health?

Virta Health’s Mission is to reverse diabetes in 100 Million people by 2025, sounds simple right? How are they going to do it?

As Bill Nye would say “It’s not magic, It’s Science!”

They’re doing it through their advancements in the science of nutritional biochemistry and technology to change the diabetes care model using a highly individualized approach to repair metabolic health that is focused on carbohydrate intake and nutritional ketosis to address the underlying causes of diabetes.

For patient’s it’s simple, intuitive and highly monitored for safety: 

  • Physician Supervised – Virta set’s you up with a metabolic health specialist that provides continuous medical supervision and safe medication reductions working with your physician.
  • Personal Health Coach – A nutrition and behavior expert answers your questions and provides you support when you need it and help you can stick with it.
  • Individualized Treatment Plan – Virta develops a plan based on your own biochemistry by measuring blood glucose, ketones, weight, and more.
  • A Clinic in Your Pocket – A simple mobile and desktop app provides immediate access to care without the waiting rooms and lines.
  • On-demand Resources – Virta provides you with access to a library of recipes, guides, and meal plans so you can have great tasting food that’s good for you without calorie restrictions.


  • Virta saves nearly $10,000 per patient in medical expenses over the first two years while tying treatment fees to successful outcomes for employers.
  • Virta patients lowered HbA1c(average level of blood glucose) by 1.3% on average after one year and improved insulin resistance measured by HOMA-IR. 60% of patients attained an HbA1c below 6.5% without the use of diabetes-specific medications.
  • Virta patients sustained the loss of 12% of their body weight over the year. The prevalence of class III obesity among participants was reduced from 46% to 20%.
  • 94% of Virta Health patients reduced or eliminated the use of insulin all without adding medications.
“I had diabetes now for almost 20 years…When I joined Virta I was on six different medications…Within the first two weeks of the program, I was off three of my oral medications…Here after six months I’m totally of five of my six medication..and I’ve lost 82 lbs”
– Mark, Virta patient

What inspired their mission?

Sami Inkinen a Co-Founder of Trulia and one of the most fittest Exec’s in Silicon Valley who competed in Triathlons and had 8% Body fat who regularly tracked his biomarkers. Even so, he found himself being a prediabetic. So, confused he began researching on his own. After discovering a decades-old paper that showed Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and sometimes reversed through lifestyle changes alone, he switched to a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet and his blood sugar levels dropped.

After he met Dr. Stephen Phinney, the author of the paper that had convinced him that diet could solve his condition, a solution began to take shape in Inkinen’s mind. That solution led him to found Virta Health, a company using evidence-based nutritional science to reverse diabetes.

Core Principle: Build a Full Stack healthcare Company
  1. Continuous remote-care:  Using technology and software to enable an Emergency Room like experience in an outpatient setting so that Physicians and care team members can provide real-time support anytime, anywhere based on the near-real-time patient data they can monitor remotely.
  2. Full control over patient experience: Integrate 100% of the patient experience into one flow for a consistent experience.
  3. Substantially lower cost: Leverage AI and software to increase care efficiency and personalization.
  4. End to end data access: Knowing what patients are prescribed and asked to do as well as seeing their biomarkers and health outcomes allows for rapid iteration.
  5. Re-invent economic model: Focus on and price our service based on actual positive outcomes, not transactions, services or software fees.
  6. Speed: Be able to iterate and improve patient outcomes quickly.



Learn more about Virta Health here!

Peer Reviewed Papers:

Sustainability of improved health outcomes

Rapid impact on type 2 diabetes

Significant impact on cardiovascular risk factors

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